Piccadilly Norwich Photo Gallery

Pictured below are puppies that are currently ready to go to their homes. No two puppies are exactly the same, as each one has its own unique personality. I strive to match the puppy to its new family and home. Click on a furry friend below to enlarge the picture.

Piccadilly Kennels has maintained line breeding with limited out-breeding to meet the breed standard, control health and temperament, and to avoid any negative health issues that might be introduced by too many outbreedings. My dogs are raised in my home, not in a kennel. They are handled and socialized daily. All of my adult dogs have had their eyes tested and have passed the CERF TEST. In thirty plus years of breeding, I have not had any reported hereditary seizures, nor any genetic problems with patellas or hip displacement. I provide continued breeder support 24/7/365 throughout their life.

Pups will have all appropriate shots and a final vet check before going to their new home Each puppy comes with a booklet containing information tailored just for this puppy. It contains a complete health history and photos from the day it was born. Also included is seven generations of pedigrees on the sire and dam and many many pages of information to help ease the transition of the puppy into its new home and family. All litters are registered with the AKC. By written agreement, the new owner must have the puppy spayed or neutered.

Check out some of our champions!