Why Own a Norwich Terrier?

Norwich and Daffodil

If you are looking for a small sized dog with a good personality, you should consider a Norwich Terrier. Alert, happy, and loving, the Norwich weighs approximately 10 to 14 pounds, stands about 10 inches at the shoulder, and will fit in a small space at home or when traveling. He is a small dog with a big constitution and an even bigger heart. The color of his harsh coat can be red, black and tan, grizzle, or wheaton. The coat sheds water and needs only a weekly grooming to keep a neat appearance; the head, ears and tail can be tidied with thumb and forefinger or a stripping knife. The old outer coat will yield to brush and comb and can be stipped easily when dead or blown. Shedding in this breed is minimal. The Norwich Terrier has minimal dander, making it an ideal breed for those with allergies.

Two Norwich Terriers standing

Active with its origin as a working terrier, this breed does not require exercise. He will exercise himself in play and running about his home and yard. A good walk and romp with his people is much loved and should be a daily affair A ratter par excellance (chipmunks and squirrels included), willing to go to ground after a fox or woodchuck, the Norwich can sublimate these primordial drives into bright and eager companionship that is never dull or boring. Even if well-trained, this small hunter should always be exercised on leash unless safely away from traffic.

As a watchdog, the Norwich will always let you know if someone is approaching. However, he is not a guard dog- as friendliness is a dominant characteristic. The Norwich Terrier is a fine family dog. It is not quarrelsome with other dogs, and is a real presence in the home. Having a hearty constitution, he is long lived with a lifespan that can reach 14 and 16 years.

At home in the city apartment, suburban home, or rural farm, this happy loving little dog rapidly adapts to most any lifestyle.

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